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Allan Gross has been described as a Renaissance Man. Writing is just one of his interests. Allan first earned degrees in electrical and biomedical engineering, working as a successful software designer. His avocation of writing blossomed through his association with Insight Studios. In addition to writing for major comic book companies and television, Allan has lived a childhood dream and written Tarzan stories, both in comic book form and for the syndicated newspaper strip. This work earned praise from academics and Edgar Rice Burroughs fans alike, and Allan is very proud of his prestigious "Golden Lion Award" from the Burroughs Bibliophiles.

The most rewarding aspect of writing for Allan has been the creation of emotionally satisfying projects in collaboration with his friends and Insight Studios. These works include the comic book Doctor Cyborg (collected in the graphic novels, The Clone Conspiracy and Outpatient) and the novella "Bride of the Beast Man" in Titnaic Tales. Since then, Allan wrote the definitive biography on Insight Studios, a profusely illustrated coffee table art book called IS ART: The Art of Insight Studios. He also collaborated on the writing and editing of the retrospective art book on Gary Morrow's life and career, Gray Morrow: Visionary.

Allan is currently working with Jerry Carr on Cryptozoo Crew, which has been published as comic books and two graphic novels. This project will continue as on-line comics and is currently being developed as a screenplay. Manga fans may be familiar with a line of books written by Allan for Tokyopop, Inc. called Roadsong. These books pull from another of Allan's passions and experience, as an avid singer and songwriter who has performed in a variety of bands.

In his spare time, Allan has completed a Master's Degree in Education and is enjoying tutoring mathematics, planning to "retire" one day into teaching. If you meet Allan at a convention, or contact him over the Internet, be prepared to discuss any one of his passions, including numerous conspiracy theories, such as the Shakespeare Authorship controversy or modern-day topics such as Peak Oil or politics.
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Cryptozoo Crew chronicles the continuing adventures of Tork Darwyn--world-renowned cryptozoologist (a scientist who studies hidden and undiscovered animals). Tara is Tork's wife and partner in adventure. Together they travel the globe, digging through isolated temples and tromping through tropical jungles (as well as snow-swept peaks), hunting for strange and exciting creatures.

Cryptozoo Crew is a graphic novel written by Allan Gross, illustrated by Jerry Carr, and published by NBM. Volume 1 was published in black and white in 2005, and reprinted in color in 2006. Volume 2 was published in color in 2006. Jerry and Al are busy at work on the continuing adventures of Tork and Tara!

SUPER SECRET! EYES ONLY! In a short while this information will be declassified and revealed! Check back soon for the WHOLE STORY!

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Two runaway teenage boys form the ultimate band on the run! Monty and down-on-his-luck Simon form an unlikely duo when an explosion kills members of their family. Charged with murder, they flee. To make matters worse, the real killers are after them too! Using their talent as musicians, they must survive life on the wild side while trying to clear their names.

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