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Jerry Carr was born in the wilds of Southern Virginia--a mutant offspring in an otherwise normal family. He was often spotted by the locals painting on cave walls while chattering away with the wildlife--leading to many rural legends regarding feral boys and comic-book-obsessed midget sasquatch. His travels eventually led him to Insight Studios, where he developed the popular all-ages romp Cryptozoo Crew with writer Allan Gross. In addition to his work on Cryptozoo Crew, Jerry is actively developing a new strip called Brew Lagoon.
Cryptozoo Crew chronicles the continuing adventures of Tork Darwyn--world-renowned cryptozoologist (a scientist who studies hidden and undiscovered animals). Tara is Tork's wife and partner in adventure. Together they travel the globe, digging through isolated temples and tromping through tropical jungles (as well as snow-swept peaks), hunting for strange and exciting creatures.

Cryptozoo Crew is a graphic novel written by Allan Gross, illustrated by Jerry Carr, and published by NBM. Volume 1 was published in black and white in 2005, and reprinted in color in 2006. Volume 2 was published in color in 2006. Jerry and Al are busy at work on the continuing adventures of Tork and Tara!

The most important story in human history--BEER!

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