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Cryptozoo Crew is a contemporary action/adventure/romance/comedy set in various locales around the world--from the warmth of the tropics to the chill of the highest peaks. Our hero and heroine must travel wherever necessary in the search for endangered cryptids.

Who are you gonna call when a troupe of skunk apes is making a mess of your back yard? Tork Darwyn of course! He is the world's premiere cryptozoologist. His skills as an adventurer and a scientist are only surpassed by his compassion for the hidden animals he's dedicated to helping. He's joined by his wife Tara--a schoolteacher and martial arts instructor. Tara is savvy, practical, and often necessary to the successful completion of the missions. Tork excels in getting them into trouble, while Tara's common sense and martial prowess are integral to getting them back out.

Each adventure introduces us to a new cryptid--as it exists in its natural habitat. When Tork hears of a new sighting, he rushes to collect his equipment and starts making plans. Tara joins in the adventures, in the hopes of enjoying some kind of rare vacation. Each story emphasizes the differences between the genders, and how those differences apply to solving the problems they encounter. Their challenges aren't just saving the cryptids they find, but also finding better ways to communicate with each other.

Wrestle a Yeti? Easy! Swim with Nessie? Child's Play! Get the last word with your wife? NEVER!

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Designed by Mark Wheatley and Rand Arrington