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Over the years BREATHTAKER has gotten awards and accolades as a groundbreaking graphic novel. Currently original script pages, preliminary designs, layouts, penciled pages, inked pages and final painted pages from this 200 page graphic novel are featured in a show at the Norman Rockwell Museum. The show runs through the end of May 2008.

Chase Darrow is a mutant, labeled by the government as BREATHTAKER for her succubus-like ability to drain the life from her lovers. Now she is being hunted by the world's first REAL superhuman: THE MAN. He is loud, brash and egocentric. He uses fear the way Chase uses love - because fear is all he knows.

Tracked by her lovers, pursued by the government, Chase and the Man cross a continent, hunted and hunter - but their journey cuts straight through their hearts.

Chase Darrow's love is so satisfying and pure that people are willing to die for it - but is anyone willing to die for her?

This award winning graphic garnered nominations both in the US and abroad. BREATHTAKER has been cited by animators, film makers, illustrators and comic book creators as a groundbreaking and influential work.

"BREATHTAKER...proves itself something utterly odd and new. Powerful art, vibrant coloring, a new quirky story told in a different way. Strong and surprising stuff." - Neil Gaiman

"BREATHTAKER is about a lot of things. Love, death, sex and power, my friends. Mostly, though, it is about America and all the things therein - particularly the American Dream." - Michael Bonner, SPEAKEASY

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